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External World Scepticism and Self Scepticism Philosophical Studies (2023). Read here.

Merely Superficially Contingent A Priori Knowledge and the McKinsey Paradox Synthese (2022). Read here.

Putnam’s Proof Revisited Co-authored with Crispin Wright. In Engaging Putnam, edited by James Conant and Sanjit Chakraborty, published by De Gruyter. Read here.

Semantic Self-Knowledge and the Vat Argument Philosophical Studies (2018) Read here.

Radical Interpretation, Scepticism, and the Possibility of Shared Error Synthese (2017) Read here.

Closure Scepticism and the Vat Argument Mind (2017) Read here.


Tim Button (2013), The Limits of Realism, Oxford University Press Argumenta (2018) Read here

In draft (email me if you would like a copy)

(When) should I ostrich? The rationality of avoiding evidence (With Giada Fratantonio)

Sex, Consent and Patriarchy (with Giada Fratantonio)

A Generalist Account of Conspiracy Theories (With Jesper Kallestrup)

Conspiracy Theories as Epistemic Wrecking Balls

Certainty and the Impoverished Subject

Evidential Externalism, Defeat, Scepticism

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