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The Scepticism Research Group runs a seminar series and organises conferences on scepticism related topics. The group was co-founded by myself and Angie O'Sullivan in 2023. Please get in touch with me or Angie if you would like to be on the mailing list. 

Spring 2024 seminar schedule

10th January

"Certainty and the Impoverished Self" Joshua Thorpe (research talk).

24th January

"Descartes Defended" Christopher Peacocke (paper discussion).

21st Feb

“A priori scepticism” James R. Beebe (paper discussion).

6th March

"Partners in Crime? Radical Scepticism and Malevolent Global Conspiracy Theories", Genia Schönbaumsfeld (research talk).

20th March

"Scepticism Motivated" Chapter 8 of Non-Ideal Epistemology, Robin McKenna (paper discussion).


3rd April

"The Empiricist Cogito: Defence and Implications" Alexandre Billon (research talk).


Past schedules

Autumn 2023 seminar schedule


20th September                      

"How do I know that I am not a zombie” Fred Dretsk (paper discussion).


4th October                              

“Scepticism, Evidential Holism, and the Logic of Demonic Deception” Samir Okasha (paper discussion).

18th October                          

“An Explanatory Solution to the Problem of External World Skepticism” Kevin McCain (research talk).

1st November

"The Sceptic and the Externalist" Crispin Wright (research talk).

8th November                          

“Safety and Dream Scepticism in Sosa’s Epistemology”.  Adam Carter & Robert Cowan (research talk). 

29th November                        

"Knowledge as a Regulative Ideal" Angie O’Sullivan (research talk).

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